Changes to missions on Empire Avenue

A couple of days ago there were some changes to the way missions work in Empire Avenue. I cannot speak to this from the perspective of giving missions, since I am not able to do so yet. However, from the perspective of someone taking on missions the changes have shown to be interesting.

Before the changes, I was only notified of missions given by people who I have invested in, i.e. I am a shareholder of them. Especially for new participants, it is very difficult to know who give missions. Maybe there are some tips in the discussion boards, however, I never had the time to really look for that.

Now, I am notificed of all missions. If I am not a shareholder, I have to first buy at least one share, before I can accept a mission. The result is, that it is a lot easier for a new participant to add to the daily income from the investments. I believe this has the potential to make the playing field a little more even between long time participants and new participants.

However, I have also noticed another effect. Due to the fact that I invest in people that provide missions, I find good people to invest in, when I look later at their profiles. Not only this, often they invest in me, the fact that I participate in a mission allows me to find new investors.

So while the game has become more frenzic and more demanding, it has certainly won some appeal with this change.

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