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Social Media Tool Features

I am lately playing around with social media APIs. And since I have already a cloud computing and SaaS, I was wondering what kind of features are you missing in the currently available tools?

Is there any way you would multiple social networking sites being connected through their APIs?

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Libdrone's Thoughts and Musings

original photograph by Ryan J Zeigler   Making the cut.   It’s a phrase that’s used in a number of different types of cases where candidates of some sort go through a screening process where in some are retained and others discarded.    If you think about it,  the friends in your life right now are likely a selection of people who have made it through various cuts over the years.

I have been making and keeping friends online for a long, long time now and the fact that some of these people have known me all this time  (and are still willing to call themselves my friend) makes me stop and think.   Not just talking online, but talking totals here,  my life before I went online and my friends both face to face and virtual ever since,  I’ve come to realize that more often than not friendships that were based on sex very very rarely…

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Today’s Note: Football, Offense, Defense, Championships and Damn Lies

Today's Note: Football, Offense, Defense, Championships and Damn Lies.

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Quick Note: High Definition Earth Photograph

Quick Note: High Definition Earth Photograph.

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How the Brantford Library understands “The Social Media Business Equation” by Eve Mayer Orsburn

How the Brantford Library understands "The Social Media Business Equation" by Eve Mayer Orsburn.

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The impact of Steve’s mission

This is an example of how valuable social interaction and social connection can be in a system like empire avenue. Certainly this is no scientific analysis or study of comparisons between different philosophies. It is just one example what kind of effect the “social component” can have on the market itself.

Steve was so gracious to start a mission for me with 200*2000 eaves to be invested into my shares with the aim to push me above 100e share price.

At the beginning of the day, the share price was about 97.7. During the last week, the share price had grown about 5e, in the last days the increase had accelerated a little, so a good estimation would have been a 100e share price at the end of the week.

The day started very normal, as can be seen at the left side of the following illustration.

First 1/3 of mission

However, then the frequency of transactions increased dramatically, which started shortly after the mission by Steve (about a 70 of the 200 slots used).

After about 100 of the mission slots used the share price graph looked like this.

Half of the mission completed

Finally the graph from the end of the mission with about 90% of the slots used.

90% completion of mission

As can be seen, this mission that was worth 4m eaves, almost my net worth at the beginning of the day, push the share price up 4e, a only jump that would usually take almost a week of steady increase. It was possible through the help through the social component of Empire Avenue, partly through Steve’s mission and partly because a lot of other contacts bought far more shares than the 2,000e worth Steve offered to them in his mission.

This is just a first analysis of the day and the mission. Probably I will follow up with some more data and analysis of other aspects in the following days.

Thanks again to Steve for making this possible and everybody else who has participated and invested in my shares.

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Speculation is bad for the community at large! This has been shown at the real stock market as well as at Empire Avenue

Libdrone's Thoughts and Musings

It was a thread in Team Zen,  but it felt as though it really could have used a bit of self help from the 1970’s.    Empire Avenue is a very intriguing and complex web site.   It is in one sense an equivalent or perhaps competitor to sites like Klout and Peer Index.   But at the same time it is most definitely a social networking stock market trading game.    And I honestly don’t think it is in the least bit fair to criticize one’s friends because they are  “playing to win”  in what is most definitely a game, that has been specifically offered as such by the gentlemen  (Are there any ladies on the EAv  Team?) who put the site up on the web every day.

Some people are on Empire Avenue because they are trying to be or consider themselves or are paid to be social…

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There are lots of strange laws in the world!

Mind Candy

The strangest laws in the world are sometimes so strange that even the people living under them cannot fathom the how or why of their existence. In some cases, laws we view as strange are simply outdated blue laws from a bygone era, but in others they are actually fairly new and still just as illogical. One of the important things to remember when identifying what is strange is that a law may be strange to people in one culture but not another. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some truly odd laws found around the world. The top fifteen should suffice.

 15. In London, it is illegal for a cab to be used to convey a corpse or rabid dog. While it sounds reasonable enough, is there really a need to legislate such thing? If nothing else, it would seem neither could pay the fare…

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The renaissance of Lego!

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Wonderful article bny Shirley Williams. Well worth the time to read!

Social Media Pearls

Last month I shared 40+ networks that you could consider depending on your niche or interests. As part of my commitment to this community, I shared that I will  expand on this list throughout 2012. So here is the first addition to that build!  The topic- Curation!

I thought I would focus on curation because a) I have a favorite site and b) there has been a  lot of “press” on Pinterest  as a curation tool  and as a result I thought the timing was right.  However before I list the sites let’s talk curation.

What is social media curation?

Today,  with the exponential growth of social networks and blogs,  it can be overwhelming searching for information on the internet. As a result, the act of filtering, selecting, reviewing and providing commentary with a perspective on an article, or collection of articles, have become increasingly important. This is known as social…

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