Speculation is bad for the community at large! This has been shown at the real stock market as well as at Empire Avenue

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It was a thread in Team Zen,  but it felt as though it really could have used a bit of self help from the 1970’s.    Empire Avenue is a very intriguing and complex web site.   It is in one sense an equivalent or perhaps competitor to sites like Klout and Peer Index.   But at the same time it is most definitely a social networking stock market trading game.    And I honestly don’t think it is in the least bit fair to criticize one’s friends because they are  “playing to win”  in what is most definitely a game, that has been specifically offered as such by the gentlemen  (Are there any ladies on the EAv  Team?) who put the site up on the web every day.

Some people are on Empire Avenue because they are trying to be or consider themselves or are paid to be social…

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  1. Just curious what do you mean by “speculation”??

  2. Speculation on the share price, i.e. buying to prop up and then to sell for taking a profit

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