The impact of Steve’s mission

This is an example of how valuable social interaction and social connection can be in a system like empire avenue. Certainly this is no scientific analysis or study of comparisons between different philosophies. It is just one example what kind of effect the “social component” can have on the market itself.

Steve was so gracious to start a mission for me with 200*2000 eaves to be invested into my shares with the aim to push me above 100e share price.

At the beginning of the day, the share price was about 97.7. During the last week, the share price had grown about 5e, in the last days the increase had accelerated a little, so a good estimation would have been a 100e share price at the end of the week.

The day started very normal, as can be seen at the left side of the following illustration.

First 1/3 of mission

However, then the frequency of transactions increased dramatically, which started shortly after the mission by Steve (about a 70 of the 200 slots used).

After about 100 of the mission slots used the share price graph looked like this.

Half of the mission completed

Finally the graph from the end of the mission with about 90% of the slots used.

90% completion of mission

As can be seen, this mission that was worth 4m eaves, almost my net worth at the beginning of the day, push the share price up 4e, a only jump that would usually take almost a week of steady increase. It was possible through the help through the social component of Empire Avenue, partly through Steve’s mission and partly because a lot of other contacts bought far more shares than the 2,000e worth Steve offered to them in his mission.

This is just a first analysis of the day and the mission. Probably I will follow up with some more data and analysis of other aspects in the following days.

Thanks again to Steve for making this possible and everybody else who has participated and invested in my shares.

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4 thoughts on “The impact of Steve’s mission

  1. So happy that people came through for you on the mission. I was proud to be part of that!

  2. I definitely agree that EAv Missions can be powerful for driving social media actions. IMHO, the main thing is to really think about what you want folks to do and then figure out how to use the Missions tool to get the result you’re looking for. While I have heard some complaints about missions from both sides (mission creators complaining about folks who take the eaves and don’t do what’s asked/mission respondents complaining that some folks want WAY too much effort for 500 eaves) I have found that I can get lots of folks to do a lot if I’m careful about it.

    • Just doing a quick estimate about the value of eaves taken in Steve’s mission and the number of shares bought, I would say the result was about half the eaves were used to buy my shares.

      However, this is certainly not very accurate, since there was the option to buy other people’s shares. Furthermore, a lot of people bought far more shares than the value of the eaves they got from the mission.

      It would really be interesting to have some tools to measure mission conversion properly.

      I have done two missions so far and think they conversion rate was very good. However, my mission were rather small, or restricted to a particular group of people

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