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Even non-violent bullying should be a crime, Canadians tell poll

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A majority of Canadians believe bullying should be considered a crime, according to the findings of an Angus Reid poll released Wednesday, Pink Shirt Day.

The poll revealed 65% of respondents believe bullying should be regarded as a criminal activity, even if no physical violence is involved.

Respondents in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces are more likely to identify bullying as a criminal act, with support reaching 78%. B.C. has the lowest level of support among all provinces, at 55%.

About 20% of Canadians believe bullying should be deemed a crime only when there is physical violence, while 6% believe bullying is not a crime.


The vast majority of Canadians — 90% — were in favour of a cyber-bullying law similar to one proposed in the United States that would make it a crime to bully someone online.

According to the anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day campaign website, a child…

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How the e-book landscape is becoming a walled garden


Just as a few massive chain stores eventually came to dominate the traditional printed book market in North America, the e-book marketplace is a kind of oligopoly involving a few major players — primarily Amazon(s amzn), Apple(s aapl) and Barnes & Noble(s bks). And while bookstore owners of all kinds are free to decide which books they wish to put on their shelves, these new giants have far more control over whose e-books see the light of day because they also own the major e-reading platforms, and they are making decisions based not on what they think consumers want to read but on their own competitive interests. That is turning the e-book landscape into even more of a walled garden.

Author and digital-marketing maven Seth Godin highlighted this issue in a recent blog post, in which he described how his new book was turned down by Apple because it…

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Electric car maker Bright Automotive to shut down


Another electric car startup, which waited years for a Department of Energy loan, plans to call it quits. According to local media in Indiana (and Green Car Reports) Bright Automotive, which was a spinoff from the not-for-profit think tank Rocky Mountain Institute, and which had been developing a plug-in hybrid car called the IDEA for commercial fleets, plans to close shop.

Despite that Bright Automotive was the first official investment from General Motor’s venture arm, the company had been developing its business around getting a DOE advanced technology vehicle manufacturing loan of $450 million. According to a letter sent to the media, Bright Automotive slams the DOE for leading it down a road where it spent three years and $15 million on pursuing a loan that never was delivered.

Bright Automotive isn’t the only electric automaker that felt confident it had a DOE loan in the bag…

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EmployInsight Grabs $1M For Its Employee Measurement Platform (And NYSE As Its First Client)


EmployInsight, a web-based platform for measuring and quantifying employees’ “soft skills” in the workplace, has raised $1 million+ from Founder Collective, Launch Capital, Sean Glass, Phil Bronner, Jarrod Yuster, David Cohen, Gus Fuldner and other angels, the company is announcing today. The startup is also revealing one of its first enterprise clients, and it’s a big one: the New York Stock Exchange is up-and-running on EmployInsight’s first product, a hiring application called HireInsight.

Sean Glass, co-founder and CEO of EmployInsight, is the lead investor in this round, but he notes that the majority of the employees are investors as well. “Everybody really believes in what we’re working on,” says Glass regarding the employee/investor situation.

Investing in startups isn’t new for Glass, however, as he’s also partner with Novak Biddle Venture Partners. Building companies isn’t new for him either – he co-founded an online financial services firm, Higher One

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Quick Note: Interesting Look at Social Deal Sites


Today’s Note is about an blog post, titled “Do Social Deal Sites Really Work?”  This post is an interesting fictionalized case study about social coupon sites. It is an interesting and amusing read.

The post also appears with this interesting note from the editors (italics preserved from the post):

Editor’s Note: This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from experts and readers. If you’d like your comment to be considered for publication, please be sure to include your full name, company or university affiliation, and email address.

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ReportGrid Launches Precog To Help You Turn Big Data Into Smarter Apps


Back in October, ReportGrid closed a $750K seed round with investors like Launch Capital, David Cohen, Walt Winshall, Doug Derwin, and Ed Roman — not long after it graduated from TechStars’ summer program in Boulder. The interest in ReportGrid was due to the fact that the company offers data analytics as a service (or DAaaS, if you prefer), providing companies with nifty scalable cloud database and visualization engine. In this way, it’s meant to be a turnkey, hosted alternative for developers to save them from having to build their own.

As Sarah wrote at the time, ReportGrid’s real value proposition is in the simplicity of its API, which, among other things, can plug into a SaaS vendor’s product to bake visualizations and analytics into the services they offer to customers. Essentially, ReportGrid is a simple, drop-in solution (targeted at developers) that allows them to avoid building analytics and visualizations…

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The Man Who Predicted the Yahoo/Facebook IP War on Why Patents Still Matter [TCTV]


[tc_5min code=’517285089′]
When news broke this week that Yahoo is accusing Facebook of violating as many as 20 of its patents, it took quite a few people by surprise — but at least one patent expert saw it all coming from a mile away. Erin-Michael Gill first publicly predicted a Yahoo/Facebook patent battle in an article published by back in November. Gill is currently managing director and chief intellectual property officer at MDB Capital, an investment bank that specializes in IP issues; his earlier résumé includes an appointment by the Obama administration to be Special Adviser to the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO. In short, the guy knows his stuff.

So today we reached out to Gill to get his insights on the Yahoo/Facebook patent situation, now that things have finally started to come to a head. He was…

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Daily Crunch: Cheap 3D


Here are some recent Gadgets posts:

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Raspberry Pi cooks up a storm on launch


After a long period of development, Raspberry Pi, the low-cost computing initiative out of Cambridge, U.K. that’s aiming to improve computer education, has finally gone on general sale.

Following a pilot run at the end of last year, the £22 ($35) device went on sale Wednesday morning at the Raspberry Pi website. It’s already proving so popular that the site has struggled to take the load.

If you can’t get to the site, then perhaps you can amuse yourself with this: a video from the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones, who runs through the details with Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton.

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