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Is Technology A Zero-Sum Game?

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Numbers Game: The rise and fall of fighting in the NHL

National Post | Sports

Fighting in the NHL peaked in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In 1985-86, Detroit recorded a league-record 154 fighting makors and that was the first season four teams had more than 100 fighting majors each. The heydey of fisticuffs lasted a few more years before levelling off. Below are the league leaders in fighting majors from 1966-67, the first season before expansion from the Original Six, through this season.

The NHL record for penalty minutes in a season by one team was set by the Buffalo Sabres in 1991-92 (2,713). Chicago (2,663) and Calgary (2,643) are third and fourth all-time and come from the same season. That year, there were 1,541 fighting majors in 880 games for 0.88 fights per game. This season, fights occur about half as frequently as 1991-92 and are even off the usual pace of the last few years since the 2004-05 lockout. Though March…

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David Frum: Canada can fairly claim to be the best-governed country in the world

National Post | Full Comment

Under Stephen Harper, Canada can fairly claim to be the best-governed country among advanced democracies in the world. Thursday’s federal budget locks up Canada’s lead.

Right now, the major economies share a common economic problem: With the world slowly and fitfully emerging from the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, they must begin to plan to reduce their debt burdens — but not so fast that they crush demand and abort the recovery. The United Kingdom exemplifies the dangers of moving too fast: your recovery falters.

The United States exemplifies the risks of moving too slow: The inability of its political system to agree on any plan to balance the budget has cost the world’s biggest economy its Triple-A credit rating.

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National Post | Full Comment

Two citizens with albinism, a serious genetic disorder that results in partial or total absence of pigment in the hair or skin, have lodged a human rights complaint against Earls, a western Canadian chain of restaurants that sells its own in-house brew of beer — “Albino Rhino.” The citizens allege that this name is discriminatory against those that suffer from the disease. “People aren’t allowed to order Alzheimer’s appetizers, multiple sclerosis martinis and cerebral palsy cocktails, so why should they be able to order albino chicken wings?” one told Postmedia News. This seems a frivolous human rights complaint, but are they perhaps badly expressing a legitimate gripe? Should serious medical conditions always be off limits for any commercial or playful use, if only by conventions of good taste and not the force of law?

Matt Gurney in Toronto: I imagine if I had albinism, I’d probably be annoyed by Albino…

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April Fools or not? Virgin Group launches vehicle exploring live volcanoes

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Amazon is stifling the e-commerce revolution


“If you’re not in first place, then you’re in last.” —Ricky Bobby, “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”

Amazon, the world’s largest Web retailer, is clearly in first place. So who is number two and prepared to challenge Amazon? Struggling to think of an answer? Me too. That is terrible news for consumers and for Amazon’s competitors.

As the president and CEO of Zmags, I’ve thought a lot about how companies can compete with Amazon, and I believe e-commerce needs healthy competition to sustainably innovate. But for that to happen, we need to fundamentally change the old e-commerce model.

Amazon continues to defy gravity deep into its second decade. A $40 billion dollar company trading for 70 times next year’s expected earnings just doesn’t seem right. Its third quarter, 2011 profit margin was 58 basis points. It’s as if Amazon is committed to margins below supermarkets.


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Roses #shared


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Canadian potato farmer Henk Tepper set to arrive in Ottawa Saturday after being released from Lebanese prison

National Post | News

By Adam Huras

New Brunswick potato farmer Henk Tepper has been released from a Lebanese jail after being held for more than a year on accusations of exporting rotten potatoes to Algeria.

Sen. Pierrette Ringuette says that Tepper will arrive in Ottawa later today.

“The Tepper Family is extremely happy to have been informed by the Government of Lebanon that Henk Tepper is no longer being detained in Beirut and is currently on a plane back to Canada,” the New Brunswick senator said.

Tepper was expected to arrive at the Ottawa airport late Saturday afternoon where he was to be reunited with his family, according to Ringuette.

He was to be accompanied his Saint John lawyer, Jim Mockler, and his lawyer in Lebanon, Joe Karam.

The Drummond, N.B., man has been in custody in Beirut since March 23 of last year on an international arrest warrant that alleges he used…

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