Android this week: Nexus tablet confirmed; Galaxy Note sales; Use fewer bits when browsing


The rumors of a Google(s goog) Nexus tablet took another step towards reality this week, with a Wall Street Journal report confirming Google’s plans. The idea is for Google to try a direct to consumer sales model for the second time; it tried this in 2010 with the Nexus One, but the concept didn’t change the way consumers buy phones as Google had hoped. There’s a key difference this time, however, as Sascha Segan correctly points out at PC Magazine: Carriers won’t be involved.

Instead, Google will sell the tablets over the web and ship them to buyers; end of process. With the Nexus One, carriers had to be involved to some degree as the phone would be using the carrier networks and need a carrier plan. A Google Nexus tablet, however, would likely be a Wi-Fi only device, so the customer relationship would be directly between Google…

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