School lunches cited as a national security threat – Is it the mystery meat?

Mind Candy

School lunches have been called gross, unappetizing, and likened to various forms of excrement for decades, but never before have they been called a national security risk. When most people hear the term national security risk they think of spies, terrorists, bombs, rogue submarine captains with a nuclear arsenal, or whatever they read in a Tom Clancy novel. It is doubtful that anyone has ever thought of tater-tots in that category of threats, but believe it or not there is a group that currently does.

 A group of retired U.S. military officers have come forward stating that school lunches are unhealthy and are adding pounds to the bodies of our next generation of fighting men and women that shouldn’t be there. Their concern isn’t so much that Judy can’t get into a size 5 dress for prom, or that Bill is too bulked up to fit those shoulder pads for…

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