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Winter lights street #eavig

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Snow trees #eavig

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Bird #eavig

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More bad news for Facebook, as site crashes


Updated: Facebook isn’t having a good May. First its IPO didn’t “pop” and then the stock traded down the week after it went public. And on Thursday night the social network experienced a substantial outage, going dark for up to 80 minutes for some people. The site is still loading slowly for me and is apparently out for some people at 6:35 PT.

This isn’t just an inconvenience for users — it’s a big deal for Facebook, which can’t make money when users can’t access the site. As it said in the risks section of its IPO filings with the SEC, if Facebook is “unavailable when users attempt to access it, or if it does not load as quickly as they expect, users may not return to our website as often in the future, or at all.”

Like Google, (s goog) Facebook (s fb) can’t make money if users…

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Financial Post | Business

ST. MARTINS, N.B. — Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says Research In Motion is an important company for Canada but suggests it won’t get a bailout from the federal government.

RIM shares took a beating this week after the Waterloo, Ont.-based company announced Tuesday it hired two outside firms to advise on its troubled business and financial performance.

The company also projected an operating loss in the current quarter and warned it will cut staff throughout the year.

Amid fresh speculation that RIM is a takeover target, Flaherty fielded questions today in St. Martins, N.B. about whether the Tories will bail out the troubled tech company.

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Strike 3: Judge rules against Oracle in copyright part of “World Series” trial against Google


Little league baseball player at batThe world is (temporarily) safe for developers who use APIs: U.S. District Judge William Alsup today shot down Oracle’s (s orcl) last hope of obtaining a big-money verdict from Google (s goog) in what the judge himself described as “the World Series” of intellectual trials.

The ruling is the third major setback for Oracle after a jury last week found Google had not infringed its patents and, earlier on, the same jury failed to find liability for copyright infringement.

In the bigger picture, the case is a strategic defeat for Oracle, which is trying to supplement its revenue stream by making aggressive legal demands based on its patent and copyright portfolio. Google and developers have argued that strapping copyright onto basic functions like user interfaces will stifle developers’ ability to innovate. If the judge had ruled that APIs were subject to copyright, an awful lot of software would have been…

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U.S. turns to Canada for help after planes from two federal air-safety agencies crash into one another

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Do you have debt phobia?

Financial Post | Business

Is there a word for fear of debt? “Call it debt phobia,” says Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research Inc., which found, in a poll commissioned for the Financial Post, that 55% of Canadians do not believe personal debt can be used to build wealth.

They’re fine with some debt, 76% of respondents saying there is such a thing as good debt. I guess that can be categorized as money used for buying a house or an education. But what about starting a business, buying a car to get you to it, and borrowing to invest to take advantage of low interest rates, high dividend yields and preferential tax treatment?

Half of Canadians in our survey said debt should not be used for investment purposes, even though the interest on such loans is tax-deductible and any capital gains achieved are taxed at a lower rate.

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Devils look for ways to deal with implacable Kings

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Determined Devils Have To Be Better In Game 2

CBS Los Angeles

[worldnow id=7350182 width=420 height=315 type=video]

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — The New Jersey Devils are in danger of becoming the latest team to be steamrolled by the Los Angeles Kings.

The Devils played one of their worst games of the postseason in dropping the series opener 2-1 in overtime Wednesday night here, and they can’t afford another sub-par effort.

Lose two games at home to a team that has posted a 9-0 record on the road this postseason, and the guys who lug around hockey’s biggest prize might start shining it in earnest after Saturday night’s contest at the Prudential Center.

The situation is desperate for coach Peter DeBoer’s team. While they missed chances to win the opener, they also made a slew of mistakes that ranged from bad dump-ins of pucks, being tentative on the ice, failing to shoot when the shot was there, and leaving the Kings open. The…

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