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How-to: Understand the UK Cookie Law Part One

Everything Express

Free Macro Chewy Cocolate Chip Cookies Creative Commons by Sharron PruittWe’ve been following a discussion thread begun by podcaster Tony Whitmore ( on the UK legislation covering the use of software cookies (sadly the baked goods are already subject to regulation and taxes).

All cookies are covered by the legislation. Regulation 6 requires that the user is given clear and comprehensive information about all cookies used, and that the user has given consent for each one.

Implied consent may be sufficient; the ICO’s guidance is not exactly clear. But then the legislation is so broad, achieving clarity is quite difficult. At least the ICO itself has a large cookie notification and consent box on the site.

It seems likely that a lot of software will be setting up cookies by default and many users will not be aware this is happening. Over to Tony…

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Inspired By Your Home: The Click Wall Switch Watch

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Over The Air prepares for a Very British hack weekend


It’s nearly 70 years since England’s Bletchley Park first played host to a gaggle of coders, when a team including computing pioneer Alan Turing got together to crack critical Nazi ciphers in a move that was pivotal in winning the Second World War.

But this weekend the estate is welcoming another horde of programmers, as the Over The Air hack festival arrives once again.

Now in its fifth year, more than 600 people are expected to turn up for the free-to-attend event, which focuses on 36 hours of mobile hacking, building and talks. This year’s speakers have a scientific bent, with Ariel Waldman of Spacehack and Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow Francois Grey discussing citizen science.

“We’re now Europe’s biggest mobile hack event, in a big way,” says co-founder Matthew Cashmore, who — alongside friends Daniel Appelquist and Margaret Gold — organizes the event in his spare time.

Not everybody is keen…

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Canada Census 2011 Graphic: Where do the oldest Canadians live?

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Loonie weakens with euro on demand for safety

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“Bitte mitmachen: Aktuelle Kampagne “Saubere Airlines” “

Orfeu-de-SantaTeresa's Blog

“Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde eines Sauberen Himmels!

Laut dem US-TV-Meteorologen Scott Stevens, der sich auf seiner Webseite dem Thema “künstliche Wetterbeeinflussung durch Chemtrails und HAARP” widmet, gebe es keine internationale Fluggesellschaft, die nicht in das Chemtrail-Projekt verwickelt sei (Zitat: “I haven’t seen a global airline NOT participating in this program”).

Es ist daher an der Zeit, dass wir die Fluggesellschaften mit unserem Thema konfrontieren.

Hierfür haben wir einen Mustertext für eine Anfrage an den für die Lufthansa AG verantwortlichen Vorstandsvorsitzenden formuliert. …”













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Intel to offer ‘free’ Wi-Fi in its ultrabooks, tablets


Intel(s intc) is adding a feature to its Ultrabooks and tablets that will make them stand out from its competitors’ netbooks and slates: Automatic access to a global Wi-Fi network. The silicon vendor has inked a deal with Devicescape to use its connection manager technology to link to millions of open global hotspots.

Intel doesn’t make Ultrabooks are tablets itself, but it does provide the silicon and reference designs for other manufacturers to make them, including the Wi-Fi radio chips that allow them to connect to the Internet. By adding Devicescape’s software to Intel’s standard Smart Connect manager, Intel’s partners can ship their lightweight laptops and tablets with a public wireless connection already active.

According to Devicescape, the connection is completely automatic. When the device comes into range of any access point on its virtual network, it immediately links to it, even when the computer is in sleep mode. So…

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Apple digs in on e-book lawsuit, says Jobs’ quotes will ‘speak for themselves’


In a new pushback over its role in an ongoing e-book controversy, Apple (s appl) said that Steve Jobs’ widely reported quotes on Amazon (s amzn) and book publishers “will speak for themselves.” The company also denied once again that it conspired to fix prices.

Apple set out the claims in a legal filing this week that responds to a sprawling class action suit. The suit seeks millions on behalf of consumers who allegedly overpaid for e-books after Apple and publishers changed to agency pricing.

The new filing is part of a complicated legal two-step in which Apple and two publishers are fighting both Justice Department antitrust claims and a parallel suit in which class action lawyers and state governments seek money.

Apple’s latest arguments comes after a colorful filing last week in which it said the Justice Department’s case was “fundamentally flawed” and mischaracterized Steve Jobs’ description of…

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Kelly McParland: IMF boss slammed as hypocrite over tax lecture to Greeks

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Judge rules computer softward can assess document relevancy

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