The Future of Video on the Internet

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Henry Blodget and others have been arguing about the future of TV. I thought I would add my argument about the future of video on the internet. This is taken from an interview in VideoMaker Magazine.

From 1999

by Larry Lemm
November 1999

This last Spring, Yahoo!, the Internet portal, paid about $5 billion worth of stock to acquire, a streaming video company. This transaction solidified streaming video as a technology not only to watch in the future, but as a technology to use today. Mark Cuban, a founder of Internet video portal, is very hopeful about the opportunities this technology opens.

Videomaker: What is and what do you offer fledgling video distributors?

Cuban:’s mission is to turn the Internet into a broadcast medium. We are much like the DirecTV of the Internet. We have put together the technology, infrastructure and software, and have aggregated content…

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