James Miller: Forget the ‘generational war.’ Blame the government

National Post | Full Comment

Within the pages of the National Post, a spat has erupted between writers David Cravit, John Moore and Barbara Kay. In light of the Quebec student protests, Moore attested that millennials (people born between 1977 and 1995) are facing bleak prospects due to oldsters greedily emptying the public piggy bank of entitlements. Cravit, who is vice president of ZoomerMedia, responded with data showing the Boomer generation is still providing a significant amount financial assistance to their children. Kay conceded that while boomers are willing to fight the battle of the ballot box to maintain their benefits, today’s youth are desperately out of touch with how the real world operates.

As a millennial, I can say all three make valid points but miss the mark entirely. Yes, a portion of today’s youth sincerely believe they are deserving of a good paying job that requires little effort after a…

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