Globality: Session 4 at TEDGlobal2012

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The world is becoming global — that’s an idea that has been around for many years now. But what effects will that have? What does it mean for the small countries? And the large ones? And just how global is it anyway? Session 4 at TEDGlobal explores these questions in politics, education, economics, and more.

In this session:

Our world is not flat, says Pankaj Ghemawat–it’s at best semi-globalized, with limited interactions between countries and economies. His talk is about the fractured nature of what appears to be a single global culture.

Read our recap of his talk >>

To research his new book, “Stealth of Nations,” Robert Neuwirth spent four years among street vendors, smugglers and “informal” import/export firms. His talk will introduce the audience to “System D,” an underground economy, parallel to the one normally talked about, that employs about half…

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