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Battery breakthroughs are harder to deliver than a number one pop single, but we still want to chronicle some of the bleeding edge research that could one day be promising. Here’s two projects we’ve read about recently that sound intriguing out of Rice University, in Houston and Catholic University of Louvain, in Belgium, as well as the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory out of the Pacific Northwest National Lab.

Spray-on battery:

Scientific American reports on researchers that have developed a spray-on, or paint-on process for batteries. The team, hailing from Rice University, and Catholic University of Louvain, were able to mix together liquid layers of a battery that could be painted or sprayed onto surfaces and could operate as a functioning battery and actually store energy.

The researchers painted on the battery mixture — it comes in layers — onto glass, a flexible thin film, ceramic bathroom tiles,  stainless steel and…

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National Post | News

MONTREAL — Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois says she wouldn’t hesitate to bang pots in the streets as a protest again.

And she is suggesting Premier Jean Charest should give it a try.

“I would do it again,” Marois said. “Because it was done in a very festive moment during the Argenteuil by-election.

“I was very happy to be at their (PQ militants) side and talk about the vision they have of Quebec.

“I think something major happened in the last few months in Quebec.”

And Marois went further.

“I think it would be in Mr. Charest’s interest to go walk a bit in the street,” Marois said. “He would maybe understand better what Quebecers expect of their government.

“I hope Mr. Charest will go in the street. That could be nice for him. That could be good for him because he will understand what the population has to say…

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Financial Post | Business

TORONTO — Research In Motion Ltd. plans to slash thousands of jobs at its Waterloo, Ont., headquarters after declining sales of its iconic BlackBerry smartphones caused the struggling technology giant to lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

Making matters worse, RIM chief executive Thorsten Heins told investors on Thursday the company’s next generation of BlackBerry smartphones — the linchpin of the company’s hopes for a turnaround — would not be launching this fall as promised, but would instead be delayed until early next year.

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John Ivison: Ambivalence rising as more Canadians ‘don’t really care’ if Quebec separates

National Post | Full Comment

Back in 1969, when six members of a young comedy troupe were mulling names for their new show on the BBC, the title Whither Canada? was suggested by one of the group.

Wisely, the name was ditched it in favour of Monty Python’s Flying Circus (while retaining it as the title of the first episode of the first series).

The initial attraction was, presumably, its absurdity – what could be of less interest than domestic Canadian politics and the constant French-English bickering?

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F vs. G+ #eavig

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How do you treat me #eavig

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Despite the “Google+ is a ghost town” mantra, a number of high-profile or widely connected people are active users who promote what they like. They also yelp when they’re unhappy and when Google+ Events went live during the week’s Google I/O (s goog), flooding feeds and stuffing calendars, that’s what some of them did — drawing attention to a launch for all the wrong reasons.

Actor/geek Wil Wheaton started to see the results almost immediately, posting late Wednesday afternoon:

Did G+ roll out some new “invite everyone you follow to an event” thing? My feed is completely overwhelmed with “everyone’s invited to XXXXX event” notices, and I’m having a hard time actually seeing posts from people I’m following. … Is there a way to opt-out of event invites from people I don’t follow or have circled? Is this yet another thing Google rolled out without thinking it through clearly?


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Mind Candy

The dilemma most single women face isn’t being willing to look for a man, or having the time to do it, but knowing where and how to do it. For most women sending a guy a tweet and sitting around waiting to see if they respond isn’t much fun or very successful. Likewise cruising the clubs and bars gets old and rarely serves as a great pond to reel a good man in from. So what is a single girl to do? Give up? Switch teams and try their luck with the ladies? Survey says – No! All single women looking for men need to do is get a little creative and try some different things.

While the world is going green, the dating world is lagging behind in this trend. Give some serious thought to recycling your old men. Maybe that guy that was too immature a few years…

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Groupon Exposes Customer Emails In Google Results…Again

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Groupon Exposes Customer Emails In Google Results…Again

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