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First Look: Growl 2.0

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Skills Shortage Could Mean Opportunity for Small Businesses

Business & Money

Despite persistently high unemployment, there’s a shortage of skills for some critical positions, and that could mean opportunity for a small business that has the ability to train and mentor employees.

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Gone, Daddy, Gone: Go Daddy CEO is Out


Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman is stepping down to become a special advisor for the domain-name firm.

“I have reached a juncture in my life when I would like to spend more time with my family,” Adelman said in a press release outlining the move.

Scott Wagner, an executive at KKR, has been named interim CEO while the board searches for a permanent successor to Adelman, who has been with Go Daddy since 2002. KKR, along with Silver Lake Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures, bought Go Daddy last year. The deal was believed to be worth $2.25 billion.

Go Daddy, known for its envelope-pushing Super Bowl ads, recently launched an ad campaign for the Olympics that slightly toned do…
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Investor Vic Alboini engaged in improper trading practices, IIROC finds

Financial Post | Business

The self-regulatory agency of Canada’s investment industry has found that Vic Alboini of Northern Securities Inc. (NSI) engaged in “conduct unbecoming or detrimental to the public interest.”

Between August and November of 2008, Mr. Alboini “engaged in a trading practice which improperly obtained access to credit for his client, Jaquar Financial  Corp., and in doing so risked the capital of both NSI and its carrying broker,” the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) said in a two-page decision released Monday.

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How a 14-year-old helped bring down Rob Ford

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Copyright and Technology

A minor firestorm has hit the techblogosphere over the past several days regarding the removal of a Mitt Romney campaign ad on YouTube that contained a short clip of President Obama singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” (while at a campaign stop at the Apollo Theater in Harlem).  Commentators used this as an occasion to blast an aspect of DMCA 512, the U.S. law that provides for “notice and takedown.”  The knee-jerk reactions to this incident have been wrong-headed and a little bit depressing.

The law says that if a copyright owner sends a proper notice to a site operator (in this case Google for YouTube) about an unauthorized content item, then the operator may take the  item down to avoid liability.  The law enables the operator to provide counternotice but stipulates that the operator must wait 10 days after issuing the counternotice for a reply period before it can…

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A judge sided with Apple (s aapl) on Friday, saying she would not provide detailed  instructions to a jury about how to interpret patent drawings that lay out claims to the iPad and iPhone. Instead, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh said it would be up to the jurors to use “the eye of an ordinary observer” to decide if Korean phone maker Samsung copied the drawings.

The ruling represents one of the final skirmishes before a closely-watched trial set to kick off Monday in San Jose near Apple’s headquarters. The California trial is the biggest showdown yet in a global struggle in which Apple is carpet-bombing Samsung with intellectual property claims in the hopes of removing Samsung products from store shelves and forcing it to pay massive damages.

The decision that the drawings can “speak for themselves” is significant because it means the judge will not, as Samsung had hoped…

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Toonie placed at Olympic cycling finish line

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Spain eliminated from men’s Olympic soccer

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France stuns United States to take gold in Olympic swim relay

National Post | Sports

LONDON — Payback. This time, it was France chasing down the United States — and Ryan Lochte, no less — to win another riveting relay at the Olympics.

With Michael Phelps looking much stronger than he did the night before, the Americans built a commanding lead over the first three legs of the 400-metre freestyle relay and never really had to worry about the defending world champions from Australia.

When Lochte dove into the water on the anchor leg, he was a half-body length ahead of the field and looking to add another gold to his dominating victory Saturday in the 400 individual medley.

Not so fast.


Or should we say not nearly fast enough.

Yannick Agnel, playing the chaser role that Jason Lezak did for the American four years ago in this same event, sliced through the water and was right on Lochte’s shoulder as they made the…

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