How much should we worry about future crimes? A Q&A with Marc Goodman

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Marc Goodman studies how to prevent future crimes — not in the Minority Report sense, but by thinking about the ways that current and imagined technologies could be used to commit crimes. At TEDGlobal 2012 he gave a talk on some of the ways this could play out showing examples of how drug cartels and terrorists could (and already do) use new technology to serve criminal purposes. While Goodman thinks (and worries) about what criminals will do with 3-D printing, flying drones and open access to our DNA, he also believes that the same open spirit could be used to help law enforcement keep up — and even crowdsource policing.

It was a talk that I found both fascinating and terrifying. I wanted to know more: How are these dangers avoidable? Should we sound the warning signal now, or are most of these hazards far-future? And can citizens be…

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