Police State: Becoming The Hamster In The Habitrail


I remember having a Habitrail and a couple of hamsters when I was a kid. It was cool because no matter where those Hamsters wandered off to (and I had quite the maze) I could watch their every move.

Suddenly we’re all the hamsters in the Habitrail.

The U.S. Constitution has no express right to privacy, but the issue was brought up repeatedly in the Bill of Rights.

We don’t have a right to privacy in the U.S. But the basic agreement with government has always been that the police can’t just do whatever they like, they have to have probable cause and get a warrant from the judicial branch before they start shredding privacy.

There are lots of notable exceptions, like sobriety checkpoints, that allow police to sidestep the judicial process. But generally speaking as long as you avoid driving drunk (or perhaps being an Asian American during World…

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