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MONTREAL — Quebec’s opposition is accusing the new Parti Québécois government of planning to turn the province’s schools into political assembly lines for churning out supporters.

It reacted angrily to news Thursday that the PQ will decrease English instruction on its list of priorities and increase teaching the history of Quebec’s sovereignty movement.

The two bigger opposition parties condemned the announcement by Education Minister Marie Malavoy.

“What she’s saying is that, for Quebec’s schools, it’s less English and more sovereignty,” said the Liberals’ interim leader, Jean-Marc Fournier.

“Her desire to proceed with a political takeover of our schools must be vigorously resisted.”

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He said the policies are inspired by the PQ’s hardline wing — not by what’s best for Quebec.

Fournier was reacting to remarks by Malavoy, who outlined some of her plans in a newspaper interview.

She said she wants to abolish the practice of mandatory English…

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