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With Matt Gurney at sea, Jonathan Goldsbie and Chris Selley consider what fresh madness might follow Rob Ford’s successful appeal of his ouster.

Goldsbie: It is as though Nietzsche had proclaimed that God was dead and began laying out a vision for a post-God world, only to spot the Lord outside his window, alive and healthy and coaching high school football. So what now? Nothing has changed, and we are thrust back into the same climate for which we had already pre-written the obituaries. I’m tempted to dive into the decision’s legal implications, including the judges’ acceptance of some of Ford’s lawyer’s rather novel reasoning … but although that’s important stuff, it almost feels like that would just be me sidestepping the larger, more difficult questions of what this means in a political sense. Not because “the left” was defeated or any such thing — just that trying to imagine…

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