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Here’s the irony: Bob Rae, showered with accolades and crowned with laurel leaves by friend and foe alike this week as he gracefully stepped back from the fray, isn’t going anywhere.

A performer and political operator to his core, Rae is not leaving the stage, though his term as Liberal leader is over. Indeed, he’s poised to leap with both feet into the most intractable cluster of social and economic problems facing this country — aboriginal poverty, reserves and resource development. He won’t be departing the House of Commons either, certainly not before 2015. And he may run again. Asked whether he would consider serving in a Justin Trudeau cabinet, Rae paused, then delivered an answer that is classically him: “I don’t rule it out.”

Rae is, and has always been, the guy who doesn’t rule it out.

At every phase of his 35-year-and-counting career in and around politics, he…

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  1. Did a lot right but more wrong

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