Doug Ford: Time to put an end to new taxes — Ontarians pay too much already

National Post | News


A recent study by the Fraser Institute has shown that Canadian families are spending more on taxes each year than they do on the basic necessities of life.

Despite this, there are those who want us to blindly support a plan that will put $50-billion of new taxes on the backs of hardworking Ontarians.

Metrolinx and the Province want to increase your taxes, by how much? $800 a year? $900 a year? $1,000 a year? The truth is, we just don’t know, because they won’t tell us.

This, from a provincial government that has shown us, one boondoggle after the next, that it does not deserve your trust.

How many subway lines could have been built over the last 10 years with the billions of dollars this province wasted on an eHealth system that never worked, helicopters they never needed and gas plants they never built?

Under the Liberals…

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