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Ubuntu’s number 1 bug is fixed: Microsoft is no longer the enemy


When the first version of the highly popular Ubuntu Linux distribution came out in 2004, the first bug listed for fixing was never going to be an easy one: it was nothing less than the dethroning of Microsoft(s msft) as the market leader in the new desktop PC operating system space. As the report read, “this is a bug which Ubuntu and other [open-source] projects are meant to fix”.

That was then. Less than a decade later, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu sponsor company Canonical, has closed the bug. It’s not that Ubuntu has replaced Windows as the default for preinstalled PC operating systems, of course – the reason, he noted on Thursday, was the wholesale redefinition of what personal computing is:

“Personal computing today is a broader proposition than it was in 2004: phones, tablets, wearables and other devices are all part of the mix for our digital…

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Muon Suite 2.0.1 released

Jonathan's Blog

I am glad to announce the first bugfix release for Muon Suite 2.0. The Muon Suite is a set of package management utilities for Debian-based Linux distributions built on KDE technologies.

The 2.0.1 release fixes several hot stability issues in shared Muon components. Additionally, several UI glitches in Muon Discover were fixed.

Packages for Kubuntu 13.04 are from the QApt repository, and in the main repositories for the development version of Kubuntu 13.10. Packages are set to be available as a release update in Kubuntu proper soon.

Further technical information about the release, including source tarball downloads and a detailed changelog, can be found at the project pages here and here.

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Create your second QML app for Ubuntu touch


Why second ?

I expect you have already completed the first one at I hope you are also familiar with little javascript as well.

1. Introduction

In this post, I will try to provide enough resources for you to get started on mobile application development using QT Meta Language (QML). Although QML is not Ubuntu specific package, there will be some libraries and convention used in this tutorial that is specific for Ubuntu. However, you could easily use resources mentioned in this post to port your application to the platform of your choice.

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Austerity Ontario Style

Financial Post | Opinion

The McGuinty ‘austerity’ approach to deficit reduction was not austere at all

Ontario’s provincial motto of “Loyal she began, Loyal she remains” best summarizes its deficit reduction strategy. The 2013 budget stresses a “balanced” approach to eliminating the deficit to ensure a “prosperous and fair Ontario,” as Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne attempts to counter the “rigid austerity” of former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty’s last term. Yet the evidence shows that the McGuinty era was anything but austere and the Wynne budget simply builds on previous excess. Indeed, a comparison of the 2011-12 fiscal year with interim results for the 2012-13 and the anticipated outcomes for 2013-14 as laid out in the 2013 budget are quite illuminating.

The McGuinty “austerity” approach to deficit reduction was not austere at all. It banked on a slowly recovering Ontario economy to generate revenues faster than expenditures. Revenues in 2011-12 were $109.8-billion with the interim…

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Zeitgeist Explorer release

Manish's Tech Blog

When I am working on integrating zeitgeist with any other tool as a plugin, addon or writing a completely new application, a lot of times I felt the need to run a live monitor of all the events which are being inserted. Since zeitgeist uses dbus, so the obvious answer would be to use dbus-monitor, but this tool is a bit difficult to use in my opinion. When you are working on something which needs zeitgeist, last thing you need to do is to spend next few hours dealing with dbus-monitor.

I ended up writing a small GUI application which connects directly to zeitgeist daemon and receives a notification everytime an event is inserted.  I released it 2 months before, but never got enough time to further work on it even announce it’s availability. The application is very easy and just lists down all the events. Select any event and it will give…

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Redskins Offense Much Easier to Operate Without Any Changes

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Two charged in Bills-Buccaneers GM prank call incident

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Sharks Fall Short Once Again In Playoffs

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TSA removes body scanners criticized as too revealing

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The harshest critics labeled them “virtual strip searches.” Airport passenger screening that produced particularly realistic full-body images using backscatter technology.

Others also expressed health concerns about low doses of radiation from the X-rays underpinning those scans.

Well, it’s all over now as the Transportation Security Administration says it has met a June 1 deadline to remove all 250 backscatter machines from U.S. airports.

Travelers will still go through other full-body scans that rely on a system that uses radio waves and produces less detailed body imaging. The millimeter wave machines raise fewer privacy and virtually no health concerns.

“I think from the privacy perspective, that (the elimination of backscatter machines) has to be considered a victory,” said Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

The TSA maintained that the backscatter machines, manufactured by Rapiscan Systems, were safe and effective.

The agency had developed protocols to assure…

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Raiders CB D.J. Hayden Released From Hospital

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