From a super-maximum prison cell, Canadian convicted terrorist describes his ‘gradual’ radicalization

National Post | News

OTTAWA — The first Canadian charged under the country’s post-9/11 anti-terrorism laws has condemned both the Boston bombings and an alleged al-Qaeda-inspired plot to attack a VIA passenger train for targeting civilians and says if the radicalization of the accused was anything like his own, it would have been a “gradual” process driven by news of suffering in their homelands at the hands of Western troops in an online age that connected them with other young Muslims ready to take up arms.

“For me, it was gradual. There was no moment of enlightenment,” Momin Khawaja told the Ottawa Citizen.

Khawaja, born and mostly raised in Ottawa, is serving life in a super-maximum prison after he was found guilty in 2008 of participating in, contributing to, financing and facilitating a group of British Islamist extremists plotting to bomb London in 2004 and wage a wider jihad against the West.


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