Michael Den Tandt: Helping the Conservatives with a little Canadian history re-write

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The Harper Conservatives are coming in for the usual surly backbiting over a Commons committee’s plan to launch a “thorough and comprehensive review of significant aspects of Canadian history.” Can this government never catch a break, even when it does something right?

History is written by the winners. For a century or so the Grits were most often the winners. Therefore, the pastiche of squishy left-Liberal nostrums known as “Canadian history” is necessarily a partisan construct. It requires a tweak. Let’s speak plainly: It requires a re-write. The fact that Stalin, Pol Pot and others gave historical revisionism a bad name should in no way dissuade us from engaging in it, when the cause is just.

So, let’s take a stab at the job. The Heritage committee need not compensate me for this effort: I offer it as a public service.

The “hanging” of Louis Riel: Contrary to rumours since…

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