Holding out for a hero: Rescue of kidnapped Cleveland women a study in the nature of heroism

National Post | News

Among the hard truths revealed by the Cleveland kidnapping horror was the awkwardly accidental nature of heroism.

Angel Cordero, 32, the Spanish-speaking unhero of the tale, reportedly did as much as the quotable dishwasher Charles Ramsey, 43, to help the first victim escape. But unlike the Internet-sensation Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Cordero is not seen as a hero, a strange social status that virtue does not guarantee, nor vice preclude.

[np_storybar title=”Charles Ramsey becomes object of adulation, jealousy, and Auto-tune” link=”http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/05/09/rescuing-cleveland-charles-ramsey-becomes-object-of-adulation-jealousy-and-auto-tune-as-revelations-of-jail-time-surface/”]
A neighbour who helped free three women from nearly a decade in captivity in Ohio has become a star, offering moments of levity in an unspeakably horrible story, free publicity for a restaurant chain and unexpected lessons in race relations.

Charles Ramsey lived next door to where Ariel Castro is alleged to have kept the women in a makeshift prison in a Cleveland neighbourhood. On Monday afternoon, Ramsey happened to…

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