Rex Murphy: Remember Al Gore? At the Globe & Mail, he’s still a big star

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Because this column is written on Friday, I have no idea what luminary graces the front page of today’s weekend edition of the Globe & Mail newspaper. But I am still recovering from their choice for the marquee spot last Saturday, when I saw, gleaming at me from a newsstand, a full, front-page photograph of Al Gore.

Such iconography suggests world importance on the scale of Nelson Mandela. Al Gore falls short of that level of epicness by several orders of magnitude.

In truth, Mr. Gore’s star has been fading for years, which is why the Globe’s front-page looked a decade old. His eco-alarmism is stale. The urgency of his early appeal has decayed into mere stridency. The very subject of global warming has grown more complicated.

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Which raises the question of how relevant Al Gore is anymore. Has he been saying anything new to earn such…

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