New stable branch of the programming language – Perl 5.18

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Open SourceAfter years of development presents a new stable branch of the programming language – Perl 5.18.

In preparation for the new release has been changed about 400 thousand lines of code changes affected the 2100 files, developed with the participation of 113 developers.

A branch of 5.18 is released under an approved three years ago, a fixed schedule of development, implying a new stable release branches once a year and corrective releases – once in three months. June 20 is scheduled to release first correction release Perl 5.18.1, which will be corrected in the most significant errors identified in the implementation of Perl 5.18.0. Simultaneously with the release Perl 5.18 5.14 discontinued support for branches, for which in the future may be issued updates only in case of critical security problems. Also began the process of developing the experimental 5.19, on the basis of which in May 2014 will be…

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