Social media comment causes concerns

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Have you ever wondered if a restaurant server would intentionally give you bad service?

Some Oklahoma lawmen were recently faced with that question when a waitress posted a comment on her Facebook page that quickly spread around town.

The Facebook picture posted was of Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputies who stopped to eat at Chili’s on Rockwell Ave.

The comment posted with it said, “Stupid cops better hope I’m not their server…”

“It could mean bad service,” Piedmont Police Chief Alex Oblein said. “It could mean tampering with food. You don’t know what it means. It just makes you a little weary.”

The comment showed up on Ashley Warden’s Facebook page.

She served at Chili’s and has reportedly had a rocky relationship with the Piedmont Police Department.

“Those are Oklahoma County Deputies, [they] had nothing to do with Piedmont, but I guess she got a bad taste in her mouth…

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