Clover is Sittin’ Pretty

Cute Overload

Clover’s back! And better than ever! But, where did she come from?

“I came home one day two summers ago and discovered this little foundling in my fenced backyard. 10ish weeks old, scruffy, no tags, no collar, no chip. Attempts to find from whence she came failed. No one was looking for her, and I finally decided she must’ve been looking for me. She’s called Clover because she popped up in the backyard. And because she’s lucky.”

(“How did she get over the fence?)
The universe sends you a border collie, you don’t ask questions. But . . .I have another, older border collie. My theory is some kids brought home this puppy and when she started to exhibit puppy piddly behavior the parents decided it wasn’t for them. “Give her to that lady down the street; she’ll know what to do with her.” Six-foot fence, but there were no locks…

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