Curve ball consequences: something to fear?

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Lots of kids dream about making it to the majors.  They idolize their favorite baseball players and try to mimic their skillful moves, including the curve ball.

“Every time you throw that curve ball you’re playing Russian roulette with your arm,” said Tom Urquhart.

Tom Urquhart played professional baseball and has been a pitching coach in the metro for 35 years.  He says he never teaches curve balls.

“It’s that one pitch, and one pitch you throw wrong, one pitch you don’t have exactly right, then you pop something or you tear something and you’re done,” he said.

Many doctors agree that throwing a curve ball at a young age may not be safe because the growth plates haven`t closed, but they say according to research, the real danger is in too much throwing.

“We definitely know for sure that over-use is the…

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