The Ubuntu PC Case Mod

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Since my current case mods are nearly finished (i still need a pump and the final photoshoot), i’m going to try and make a case mod based on Ubuntu. I have no money however, so i’ll either be re-using parts or needing sponsorship. I’ve sent out a few emails but i’ve not got any good responses. If anyone is willing to sponsor the build, let me know.

If i don’t get sponsorship; the case will be painted; have a side window like below (using either UV orange acrylic or mesh); the PCBs will be painted; and there will be lots of LEDs.

A demonstration of the side panel. This is Mac Pro case.

If someone does sponsor me, i’ll try and add; watercooling (with mayhems orange dye); a pedestal; Powdercoat instead of paint; a PSU cover; custom cable sleeveing; better hardware; and custom GPU backplates.

This rig will be used to…

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