Child abuse increases during summer months

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — As the school year finishes up, parents have their own homework to do this summer: knowing exactly who is interacting with your children.

Family Service of the Piedmont warns child sexual abuse is higher in the summer.

“In the summer, your child may be with a caregiver for a much longer period of time. They have more time then to be sexually abused or physically abused by these people, or by someone who’s not used to being around a child and gets frustrated more easily. The physical abuse rates go up. The sexual abuse rates go up in the summer when children are not in school where they’re protected all day,” explained Children’s Advocacy Center Coordinator Cristin Hassell.

Sue Spidell, Director of Family Support Services, adds, “No parent wakes up and says, ‘I don’t care if my child gets abused today.’ It’s never an intent, but it does occur.”


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