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No UIDs provided in API for EmpireAvenue

This is one of the most annoying deficiencies in the Empire Avenue API. The Oauth authentication does not provide automatically an UID which makes it inconsistent with any other OAUTH2.0 provider.

Furthermore, since the ticker can be changed, there is no way to track ticker changes. Hence after a ticker change, for the purpose of the API, one ticker got deleted, and another one just arrived out of thin air

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Types of results from API

The results from the API are not typed correcty. Lots of cases numbers are presented as strings, which in turn messes up calculation if no explicit type casting is done.

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Some issues with the Empire Avenue API

One of the biggest issue with the EAv API is that there is no bulk buying. Profiles can be retrieved up to 100 tickers in one call. However, each buy needs its own call plus another to retrieve the current trade price.

It would be ok to make the trade price optional, so if people want to buy for a particular price and otherwise want to let the purchase fail, however, it should not be mandatory since most people probably do not care if it is a fraction of an eave higher or lower.  

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Something is wrong with facebook page activity detection on Empire Avenue

For once, the advisor Sage is not working properly As can be seen, Sage claims no activity on my facebook page

Sage analysis. However even Sage shows an in network activity. On the other hand the network activity on the profile page shows activity on the facebook page

Network Activity

I wonder if this bug has also something to do with lower divs than they should be?

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The impact of Steve’s mission

This is an example of how valuable social interaction and social connection can be in a system like empire avenue. Certainly this is no scientific analysis or study of comparisons between different philosophies. It is just one example what kind of effect the “social component” can have on the market itself.

Steve was so gracious to start a mission for me with 200*2000 eaves to be invested into my shares with the aim to push me above 100e share price.

At the beginning of the day, the share price was about 97.7. During the last week, the share price had grown about 5e, in the last days the increase had accelerated a little, so a good estimation would have been a 100e share price at the end of the week.

The day started very normal, as can be seen at the left side of the following illustration.

First 1/3 of mission

However, then the frequency of transactions increased dramatically, which started shortly after the mission by Steve (about a 70 of the 200 slots used).

After about 100 of the mission slots used the share price graph looked like this.

Half of the mission completed

Finally the graph from the end of the mission with about 90% of the slots used.

90% completion of mission

As can be seen, this mission that was worth 4m eaves, almost my net worth at the beginning of the day, push the share price up 4e, a only jump that would usually take almost a week of steady increase. It was possible through the help through the social component of Empire Avenue, partly through Steve’s mission and partly because a lot of other contacts bought far more shares than the 2,000e worth Steve offered to them in his mission.

This is just a first analysis of the day and the mission. Probably I will follow up with some more data and analysis of other aspects in the following days.

Thanks again to Steve for making this possible and everybody else who has participated and invested in my shares.

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Reached 90e share price

90e share price

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Reached 88.00 Eaves share price. Almost 75,000 shares sold

88 Eaves share price

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Two schools in Empire Avenue

After being more than a month participating on Empire Avenue, some thing become a little clearer.

There are bascialy two competiting schools. One group believes that it is all about performance of the portfolio. In order to to provide more value to the stockholders, the investments in the portfolios are measurred by the dividend/share ratio. This approach seems to be very similar to the approach day traders take on real stock markets. However, there are some differences since Empire Avenue does not work 100% like a real stock market.

The other group bases a lot of their strategies on the aspect that Empire Avenue is a stock market simulation based on social media interactions. The value of a ticker is not seen solely as the current dividends, but also in the social interaction with the person owning the ticker. The social contract formed creates more stability than the volatility of the performance approach which seem to lead inevitable to upp and downs. It also focuses the time spent not on mechanical weeding out of shares according to performance but instead in social interaction, that lead to activity that increases the dividends paid to the share holders.

Certainly, this is a very superficial view of the two groups. I have not seen any way to build any quantitative analysis to compare the success rates between the two groups yet. Maybe this will be a future topic.

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Changes to missions on Empire Avenue

A couple of days ago there were some changes to the way missions work in Empire Avenue. I cannot speak to this from the perspective of giving missions, since I am not able to do so yet. However, from the perspective of someone taking on missions the changes have shown to be interesting.

Before the changes, I was only notified of missions given by people who I have invested in, i.e. I am a shareholder of them. Especially for new participants, it is very difficult to know who give missions. Maybe there are some tips in the discussion boards, however, I never had the time to really look for that.

Now, I am notificed of all missions. If I am not a shareholder, I have to first buy at least one share, before I can accept a mission. The result is, that it is a lot easier for a new participant to add to the daily income from the investments. I believe this has the potential to make the playing field a little more even between long time participants and new participants.

However, I have also noticed another effect. Due to the fact that I invest in people that provide missions, I find good people to invest in, when I look later at their profiles. Not only this, often they invest in me, the fact that I participate in a mission allows me to find new investors.

So while the game has become more frenzic and more demanding, it has certainly won some appeal with this change.

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Empire Avenue – The Beginnings

I have joined Empire Avenue. Not really sure yet, what it is about. It seems to be a social networking site combined with a game based on trading shares. The shares are investments in other people in the social network. It seems to be quite interesting.

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