I think I may be done …

I am sorry to hear that, Scott. I can understand your feelings and have to say I feel in similar ways. I have wound down my participation over several years now, mainly because I saw the same deficiencies as you describe here. I never understood why a community that was subscribing to the CoC was so willing to take divisions and divisive actions as normal way of operating.

I hope our paths will cross again in the future on other exciting FLOSS projects.

ScottK might have something to say ...

I don’t have a lot more to say about the Ubuntu Community Council’s decision, backed up by the SABDFL, to, in secret, with no consultation with the rest of the leadership of the Kubuntu community (i.e. the Kubuntu Council) remove Jonathan Riddell than I’ve already said to them in the series of emails I’ve just made public.

Since I got involved in Ubuntu development in 2006, I’ve known we had a SABDFL.  I’ve never particularly liked it, but I understood it.  SABDFL created and funded both Canonical and Ubuntu.  His sand box, his rules.  Fair enough.  What I didn’t know until this week though was that we had more than one.

I invite people to re-read the Code of Conduct and consider how that relates to how the Ubuntu Community Council has handled their dispute with Jonathan Riddell.  I think their actions in no way comport to either the letter…

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Your share of the national debt is now $1.1 million

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New recommended feature for missions at Empire Avenue

There is a new feature “recommended” for missions at Empire Avenue. However, the most cursory test already fails. I only selected “Empire Avenue” as my interest in networks, and expected to see only missions related to Empire avenue. However, it does not do the job.

Why is there again a feature that does not deliver what it seems to suppose to. The conclusion must be, Empire Avenue has never left alpha state.

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Empire Avenue even more broken

Now no other profile than the own one by the ticker who requested it can be retrieved. This makes the whole API useless… Not sure why to have an API like this

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Empire Avenue API broken again

And the Empire Avenue API is broken again. The profile info request used to allow a list of 100 tickers and would respond with the 100 responses in one call. However, apparently since today, there is no list anymore, just one ticker. With this it would take 720 hours to retrieve the info for each ticker available on Empire Avenue. So, it does not make sense to write any application using the API anymore. Why bother anymore with Empire Avenue… Empire Avenue is dead!

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Massport, Boston Fire Conduct Fire Drill On Logan Airport Runway

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OK State launches website to respond to SI allegations

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Suicide Watch Week 2: Lessons Learned

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Ryan Dealt To Yankees

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Netflix launches streaming service in Netherlands

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