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Empire Avenue even more broken

Now no other profile than the own one by the ticker who requested it can be retrieved. This makes the whole API useless… Not sure why to have an API like this

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Empire Avenue API broken again

And the Empire Avenue API is broken again. The profile info request used to allow a list of 100 tickers and would respond with the 100 responses in one call. However, apparently since today, there is no list anymore, just one ticker. With this it would take 720 hours to retrieve the info for each ticker available on Empire Avenue. So, it does not make sense to write any application using the API anymore. Why bother anymore with Empire Avenue… Empire Avenue is dead!

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Empire Avenue – The Beginnings

I have joined Empire Avenue. Not really sure yet, what it is about. It seems to be a social networking site combined with a game based on trading shares. The shares are investments in other people in the social network. It seems to be quite interesting.

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